The term "disk space" is oftentimes called "disk quota" or "data storage", yet all these terms mean the exact same thing - the volume of information that you'll be able to upload to a website hosting account. The full size of what you have is determined by accumulating the space consumed by all the content within your account, the most apparent being the data files you upload. Two more things are usually forgotten by a lot of end users, though - email messages along with databases. Sizeable attachments and databases of big script-driven websites can often require a lot of storage space too. To use a more recognizable analogy, the hard drive space of your home computer is taken not just by files you download, but additionally by docs you make plus software programs you add. In a similar way, various things are counted in the hdd space your info takes on a web hosting server, not just the uploads.
Disk Space in Website Hosting
To match the processing power behind all of our cloud web hosting plans, we have taken into consideration and employed the best possible solution about the disk space - your account will not be made on a single server, but on a cluster platform. Consequently, what we have assembled is a whole collection of servers that is dedicated to the file storing only, therefore you should never worry about running out of space and having to switch to another server because your present one cannot accommodate more data. In case an additional space is needed, all we need to do is attach more machines to our cluster, so the hard disk space is inexhaustible. Of course, our website hosting are meant to be used for websites, not for an archive of big files. We also have separate machines for all of the databases and the email messages.
Disk Space in Semi-dedicated Servers
Owing to the fact that all our semi-dedicated server packages are extremely powerful, we have decided by no means to limit the disk space attribute when we have developed them. Our understanding is that when you purchase a powerful plan, it is quite possible that you've got a considerable amount of web site content, so each semi-dedicated server package gives you unrestricted hard disk capacity, which will enable you to direct your attention to developing your web sites without be concerned whether you'll match some allowance. Your hosting account will be created using a cloud website hosting system where the files, databases and emails have their individual groups of servers, thus not only will the machines perform more effectively considering that just a single type of system processes will work on them, but also you'll never have to worry for the hard disk space as we will attach as many servers or hard drives to every single cluster as needed.
Disk Space in Dedicated Servers
The lowest disk storage that you can get using our dedicated servers is 500 GB. You will have a pair of HDDs, 250 GB each, and it is up to you the way in which you will allocate this storage. You can easily have the drives in RAID, therefore all your info will be secured as one drive will be a real-time mirror of the second one, or perhaps you'll be able to have them work individually, to use the overall storage capacity that'll be accessible. The hard disk space of all of our dedicated servers will do for everything - massive Internet shops, file depository portal, individual archive clone, and so much more. We'll never keep back your sites with regard to the HDD storage they require. When that they start increasing, we supply you with the possibility to add more drives to your present server when required. When you get the server with cPanel or DirectAdmin for the hosting Control Panel, you can create a separate account for each and every hosted domain name and set a specific disk space quota for it. With Hepsia all the domains will be hosted in one place and they'll share the entire server storage.